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Art Classes

Advanced Art 2-D
Advanced Art 3-D
(All classes taught by Mr. Glisczinski)

Art I (9-12) 1 credit

This is a full year course which gives the student a basic set of art experiences by exploring the ideas, methods, techniques and materials of artists. Areas of art which are explored are: drawing, design, painting, printing, graphic communication, ceramics, jewelry and sculpture.

Advanced Art (10-12) 1/2 credit

These courses provide the serious art student with the opportunity for more in-depth work in either 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional art areas. The course will be demanding in originality and quality.

This mural is a recent addition to Hilbert High School. It was created by three 1999 high school graduates. They designed the entire project starting with blue prints and color samples. The title is "Imagine." "We wanted to accomplish something that many people doubted was possible. Even people who aren't interested in art can appreciate atleast something on that wall," quoted Sam and April (two of the artists involved). It is something different to look at other than blank white walls. It took Sam, Niki, and April an entire semester to complete the task. "I don't think that people realize how much work went into this creation, but I am glad that a lot of people support what we are doing. I hope that next year somebody else will create his or her own masterpiece. I just have a few words of advice: Be prepared to spend a lot of time AFTER school," stated April.

Examples of Pottery

Metal projects created by various levels of art students

Links to the Internet

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