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Mr. Hoffman
Mrs. Jane Callejón
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English Courses

Fiction/Short Story Drama--Expository Writing/Seminar in Literature is the recommended sequence for college bound students. Basic Communication, Appreciation of Literature and Science Fiction are appropriate for all ability levels. English Appreciation I and II are appropriate for average to low ability students. Approval must be given from the classroom teacher to enroll in English Appreciation I and II.

English 9 (1 credit)

The English 9 curriculum includes competency development in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Special emphasis is given to the development of the paragraph. Units in literature appreciation include the novel, the short story, drama and poetry.

English 10 (1 credit)

English 10 integrates the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Expository writing is stressed. Grammatical terms and concepts are taught as a means to productive teacher-student interaction. Skills necessary for the total reading process are emphasized. Planned oral activities develop skills needed for both formal and informal speaking situations.

Basic Communication (11-12) 1/2 credit

This course offers introductory units in: 1) grammar 2) writing 3) speeches.

Appreciation of Literature (11-12) 1/2 credit

This course is designed to give the student a basis for an analysis of the novel and the short story. It emphasizes discussion as a tool of understanding literature, and also includes the basic elements of expository writing.

Science Fiction (11-12) 1/2 credit

The student enrolled in this course will read approximately ten science fiction novels. The student will be involved in class and small group discussions concerning each novel, and will learn the writing skills necessary to analyze these novels.

Fiction (11-12) 1/2 credit

Included in this course is the reading of novels. The student in this class will be involved in discussions of the novels, as well as role playing, short speeches, in-class writings, and a research paper.

Short Story-Drama (11-12) 1/2 credit

This course is designed to give students the basis for thorough analysis of the short story as well as the classic tragedy and other drama forms. Students in this course will also be involved in stage craft (physically working with aspects of stage production and design).

English Appreciation I & II (11-12) 1/2 credit each

English Appreciation I & II offer, at a less advanced level, basic instruction in grammar, composition, speeches, and literature. Half of the course is made up of grammar assignments and short compositions. Writing complete sentences and coherent paragraphs is the chief objective. The other half of the course is spent reading novels, short stories, essays, and plays. The objective is to develop in the student an appreciation for these literary forms. English Appreciation II has the same objective, but at a slightly more advanced level. Registration for these courses will be screened by the principal and/or teacher. These courses are not accepted for college admission.

Expository Writing (12) 1/2 credit

This course is designed to provide a fundamental basis in expository writing. It stresses the mechanics of writing, organization, expression, and mechanics. Grammar as it applies to written expression, syntax, and style are also treated.

Seminar in Literature (12) l/2 credit

This course provides a basic historical treatment of literature from the middle ages to the present. The student will read approximately ten books during the semester, and will be responsible for a major paper, a project, and speeches.

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