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Mr. Jeff White (Trig/Pre-calc, Calc. for Advanced Placement, Algebra 2, Statistics)

Mr. Ryan Kohlmetz (Alg 1, Vocational Math, Geometry)

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Vocational Math I

(9) l credit

Vocational Mathematics is designed for the student planning to attend technical school or entering the job market. The major concepts of Voc. Math that will be covered are: 1) basic skills in whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents 2) squares and square roots 3) supplementary topics include exponents, the powers of prime and composite numbers, factorization, scientific notation, and repeating decimals 4) problem solving using algebra.

Vocational Math II

(10) l credit

Voc. Math II is a continuation of Voc. Math I. Major concepts which are covered are: 1) the metric system 2) customary measure 3) basic geometry 4) graphs, statistics, and probability 5) basic trigonometry 6) problem solving, everyday applications 7) introduction to computer science.

Algebra I

(9-12) l credit

Algebra I is a branch of mathematics which has two main objectives. The first is to prepare the student for continued study in mathematics. The second is to organize the student's thoughts to solve mathematical problems that everyone faces from day to day.


(10-12) l credit Pre-requisite: Alg I

This course deals with the ideas of space, sets, and figures along with a large emphasis on deductive proofs. A knowledge of algebra is essential before taking this course. Ideas covered are induction, deduction, angles, parallel lines, triangles, and constructions. Probability and statistics will also be included in the second semester. The course will require daily written assignments along with quizzes and chapter tests.

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Algebra II

(11-l2) l credit Pre-requisite: Alg I & Geometry

This course takes the concepts learned in Algebra I and develops them more thoroughly. It begins with a review of algebra basics and then goes into open sentences in one, two, or three variables. It then covers polynomials, radicals, quadratics, and conic sections. This is an upper level math course which requires a strong background in the basics of math. Calculators are very helpful in this course and it is recommended that one be available for student use. Students will be required to do daily written assignments along with periodic testing.

Senior Math
l credit Pre-requisite: Alg II and Geometry

This is an advanced course that should be taken by students who plan to continue their education after graduation. The first semester and early part of the second is devoted to trigonometry. A review of some algebraic techniques and an introduction to basic calculus is covered in the 2nd semester. This course requires a strong knowledge of algebra and geometry. Daily assignments along with periodic tests are required. This course is available to seniors and students in the Accelerated Math Program only.

Calculus for Advanced Placement
(12) 1 credit Pre-requisite: Sr. Math

Calculus for Advanced Placement is an advanced mathematics course designed to supply the students with the techniques and information normally found in a college calculus course. The students are then expected to take the AP exam in the spring. Students who pass the exam will be awarded the same credits earned by students at the college level.

(12) 1 credit Pre-requisite: Algebra 2

Statistics This course helps students develop their critical-thinking and statistical literacy skills through special features and exercises throughout the text. Topics include: Organizing Data, Averages and Variation, Probability, Normal Curves, Sampling Distributions, Estimation and Statistical testing. A TI 84 plus calculator is very helpful in this course and it is recommended that one be available for student use.

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