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Hilbert's Physical Education Page

Ropes Class.

Mr. Matt Kuhn
Mr. Mike Breckheimer

Phy-ed Courses at Hilbert High:

Freshman Physical Education-l/2 credit

Freshman Physical Education is a required course which is held for three six-week periods. During this time the following units will be run: softball, archery, fitness, volleyball, badminton, tumbling, soccer, basketball, speedball, indoor baseball, and hockey.

Sophomore Physical Education-1/2 credit

Sophomore Physical Education is a required course which is held on alternating days throughout the year. Sophomores will participate in the following units: softball, challenge course, soccer, volleyball, badminton, aerobic dance, basketball, floor hockey, speedball, bowling, and golf.

Junior-Senior Physical Education-1/2 credit

This course is required, but the students select the units. Classes that are are available are: badminton, volleyball, racquetball, basketball, team games, paddleball, aerobic dance, riflery, table tennis, bowling, softball, tennis, golf, indoor baseball, jogging, cycling, archery, flag football, soccer, self-defense, wrestling, weight-training, exercise to music, and challenge course.

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