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Hilbert High School Tech. Ed. Page

Tech. Ed. Staff:

Mr. Joe Hietpas


Industrial Enterprise (9-12) l/2 credit

This course is designed to give students a realistic experience in applying management and production skills. The students will design, finance, plan, produce, market, and distribute a product. In essence, the students will start and operate a small business enterprise.

Power and Energy (9-12) l credit

A hands on course focused on the operating principles of small gas and automotive engines. Major topics of study include the following: measuring and testing equipment, ignition systems, compression systems, carburetion systems, and charging systems. The following topics are also covered. Hydraulics, marine transportation, rail transportation, highway transportation, computer computer designs and applications, alternative energy sources.

Exploring Construction (9-12) l credit

This course provides students with a working understanding of the design, planning and construction of a structure on site. Students learn major concepts through hands on activities using contemporary tools and materials. The following topics are covered: commercial, residental, highway, bridge and pipeline construction; tool safety; plumbing installation and repair; electrical installation and repair; heating and air conditioning; natural gas safety; welding (arc, gas, mig, tig); model construction; architectural blueprint reading; computer stress designs.

Cabinetmaking/manufacturing (9-12) l credit

This course provides students with an opportunity to flow chart and manufacture a design idea from a raw material to a finished product. Topics covered include the following: safety, quality, major machine operations, cost estimating, mass production applications, reading prints and making sketches, finishing.

Design/Communication (9-12) l credit

This course covers the various forms of communication used by industry. Group problem solving is incorporated into the curriculum. The following topics are covered: mechanical drafting, architectural drafting, graphics, sketches, computer aided drafting, laser technology, radio transmitters.

Basic Auto Mechanics (11-12) 1/2 credit Pre-requisite: Power & Energy

Primarily a hands-on course designed to give students a more in-depth study of the automobile. Major units of study will be: engine parts and functions, ignition systems, cooling systems, fuel systems, brakes, drive train systems and basic skills required to properly maintain today's automobile.

Basic CAD (11-12) 1/2 credit Pre-requisite: Design/Communication

Primarily a hands-on course designed to give students the experience of preparing both architectural and mechanical drawings with the computer software AUTOCAD Release 14 Program. AUTOCAD is the industry standard for drafting and design work. It offers the engineer, architect, or draft person a fast, accurate and extremely versatile drawing tool.

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